Platform Functions

  • Many to many connectivity (Multiple Delivery platform – Multiple POS)​
  • Manage Unlimited number of delivery platforms through one platform ​
  • All your orders in one screen (unified Dashboard & Management console​
  • Sync Menu items, stock, opening hours and prices with Delivery Platforms ​
  • Seamless POS integration, order management and eliminating Delivery platform Tablets ​
  • One stop dynamic management console & Dashboards (the control Room) ​
  • Autonomous Self-service –Single registration form for all platforms interactive ​
  • Autonomous integration detection and update​
  • Auto Order accept feature

Power Features

Centralized Orders Management:
Manage all your online orders from different channels from a central place in an extremely user-friendly approach. 

Centralized Menu Management:
Manage all your online menu listings on different online channels from one central place, snooze, make out of stock, and activate all with a click of a button and yes from one single location!

Configurable Orders Routing:
dynamically set your online orders routing rules weather you want to send to a specific printer or KDS based on specific criteria, set it once and let it work automatically for you!

Call Center Module:
we truly understand your pain and your operation, our customized call center module makes your online call center orders experience a breeze.

Set your own roles, and define your own user accounts, and on the other part all our communications with the applications are certified and secured.

Alerts and SLA Management:
never miss an order anymore, with our intuitive Alerts and SLA management system, you can configure your own SLA rules and get notified if you are at risk of breaching them through your preferred communication channel. 

be up and running in minutes, using our self-registration wizards, just fill in the required information and let Connectoo do its Magic!Powerful APIs Integration:
not only we seamlessly integrate with food delivery aggregators, online ordering platforms and POS systems, we also have our own APIs for you to use in case you need to do a custom integration that fit your needs.